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A young baby holding a cross to signify a christening hand drawn, next to an illustration of some pink christening flowers in a yellow pot with pink spots.

Christening Flowers

Christening flowers add beauty and significance to any christening ceremony. These flowers are typically given as gifts to the baby, the parents, and the godparents.

Lilies symbolize purity, roses represent love, and daisies stand for new beginnings. These flowers and others are often chosen for their symbolism, but others may be selected for their colour, seasonality, or gender appropriateness.

To choose the perfect christening flowers, consider the season of the ceremony, the gender of the baby, and the personal significance of the blooms. In the spring, tulips and daffodils may add vibrancy to the occasion. In the summer, baby’s breath and sweet peas offer delicate pastel tones. For a baby boy, blue irises or hydrangeas may be fitting, and for a baby girl, pink peonies or roses may be appropriate.

In addition to the traditional flowers mentioned above, many people incorporate other symbols into their christening flower arrangements. For example, white doves often symbolize the Holy Spirit, while butterflies symbolize transformation and new life.

Above all, the most crucial aspect of choosing christening flowers is to select blooms that hold personal meaning for the family and the baby. These flowers will remind the guests of the love and support surrounding the child on this sacred occasion.

What I Offer

A truly local and personalised service tailored to your requirements.

As an independent and local florist, I work with you to directly to create stunning arrangements for weddings, events and any occasion. 

I can create customised and bespoke arrangements. Whatever idea you have in your mind, I can bring it to life in flower form. Take a look at some of the bespoke arrangements I have created.

Whether you want a traditional and straightforward bouquet or a dazzling luxurious display, by working together, we can create an arrangement that the recipient will cherish, whatever your budget.

All arrangements are curated and made to order so that I can select the freshest flowers for maximum life and fragrance. So, you have absolutely no worries that the flowers have been sat on a shelf perishing away.

Take away the stress and worry of your flowers being on time and set up ready for your big day, event or occasion. We can discuss and agree on the format and plan ahead of time so that I can be on-location to set up, and you have one less thing to worry about!

Take a look at my latest creations and get inspired with the wedding flowers photo gallery containing everything from bride flowers to pedestals and button holes.

I’m proud that my customers share the stories and photos of their day with me.

If you are unfortunately suffering from loss, view the sympathy flowers photo gallery where you can get ideas on how pay your respects with designs and flowers that are a personal tribute to your friend or loved one.