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Hand drawn illustration of a seated lady in an off the shoulder fitted yellow dress. She is balancing on her lap a pink pot with pink happy birthday flowers and tied pink balloons.

Birthday Flowers

Make it a day to remember with some magnificent fragrant and fresh birthday flowers.

Whether adding to milestone celebrations or simply sharing birthday congratulations, receiving flowers on a birthday always induces a smile and leaves the recipient feeling spoilt.

Exclusively created for you by listening to your needs and requirements, each birthday bouquet and arrangement is lovingly prepared and hand-tied to make a real wow factor.

Each month of the year has its birthday flower, each with its significance; however, you can choose any flower and colour to symbolise your relationship with the birthday individual.

View Birthday Flowers by Month

Birthday Flowers by Month

Birth Flowers

Perfect birthday flowers by month:

January Birthday Flowers

Those born in January are said to be loyal, love deeply and put the family at the heart of everything. Carnations thrive in colder months and are available in a variety of colours.

February Birthday Flowers

While it is the month of Valentine's Day, February's birth flowers are more akin to the birthstone, which is amethyst. As such, violets for the humble and wise for those born in February.

March Birthday Flowers

Daffodils are one of the first signs of spring, making them the flower of March birthday celebrations. Those born in March are said to be both optimistic and cheerful, which sits nicely with the bright yellow of the daffodil.

April Birthday Flowers

Daisies and sweet peas represent those born in April. Sweet, kind and loyal are traits associated with those born in April. While daisies are usually considered wild/field flowers, gerbera daisies are larger and more colourful, making them a fantastic choice.

May Birthday Flowers

Lily of the valley is May's birth flower with its soft and sweet fragrance. Representing motherhood, it's an excellent choice for any Mother who was born in May.

June Birthday Flowers

The ever-popular rose, along with honeysuckle, is June's birth flower. Symbolising beauty, honour, and love, they are available in various colours to suit whatever message you want to send!

July Birthday Flowers

Delphiniums which can be found growing in the wild across the UK, signify positivity and dignity, which suits their cheerful and bright standing.

August Birthday Flowers

Poppies and Gladiolus are the birth flowers for August. Synonymous with remembrance day, poppies are, in fact, a calming flower of relaxation. Gladiolus symbolise strength and integrity and originates from the Latin word Sword.

September Birthday Flowers

Although they bloom all year round, the September birth flower, Asters, unlike other flowers, is still vibrant at the start of Autumn, making them very noticeable. They represent faith and innocence, making them ideal for September babies.

October Birthday Flowers

Marigolds, the October flower, are typical autumn flowers with gorgeous and befitting autumnal colours. The sturdy but bright flowers symbolise stubbornness and warmth.

November Birthday Flowers

Chrysanthemum is November's birth flower. A popular flower is available in a vast array of colours, each with its meaning. Overall, they represent friendship and happiness.

December Birthday Flowers

Unlike February, the December birth flower is precisely what you might expect for the time of year, Holly. Its festive colours of dark green and red. Generally paired with another variety, they represent good fortune and merriment!

Bespoke Birthday Flowers

Giving bespoke birthday flowers that are memorable and leave a long-lasting impression will show how much you care. Imagine the surprise and joy that a thoughtfully planned and personalised gift can have. Like a birthday cake or handmade gift, flowers can be selected carefully and shaped to show your love or bring to life a hobby. Let me know your requirements and tell me about the recipient, and I will create a meaningful show-stopping piece.

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What I Offer

A truly local and personalised service tailored to your requirements.

As an independent and local florist, I work with you to directly to create stunning arrangements for weddings, events and any occasion. 

I can create customised and bespoke arrangements. Whatever idea you have in your mind, I can bring it to life in flower form. Take a look at some of the bespoke arrangements I have created.

Whether you want a traditional and straightforward bouquet or a dazzling luxurious display, by working together, we can create an arrangement that the recipient will cherish, whatever your budget.

All arrangements are curated and made to order so that I can select the freshest flowers for maximum life and fragrance. So, you have absolutely no worries that the flowers have been sat on a shelf perishing away.

Take away the stress and worry of your flowers being on time and set up ready for your big day, event or occasion. We can discuss and agree on the format and plan ahead of time so that I can be on-location to set up, and you have one less thing to worry about!

Take a look at my latest creations and get inspired with the wedding flowers photo gallery containing everything from bride flowers to pedestals and button holes.

I’m proud that my customers share the stories and photos of their day with me.

If you are unfortunately suffering from loss, view the sympathy flowers photo gallery where you can get ideas on how pay your respects with designs and flowers that are a personal tribute to your friend or loved one.